Ali`i Nui Mō`ī Edmund K. Silva, Jr., 3-20-15… “Issue of War”

kingdom_of_hawaii_seal_of_the_king_10The King has issued a third letter addressing the momentum toward war in the Middle East. The two previous letters were “Peaceful End“, and “Following Up“.

“I assure you that peace consisting of unconditional love and respect which transcends a higher calling of tolerance for our neighbors, our nations and self, will come if we stop the stupidity and noise of war. “A revolution is already here”. This Kingdom and the many good people around the world will no longer stand-by and allow you and terrorist groups to negotiate us all into the abyss of chaos, pain and suffering. The path you’re leading all nations into is ‘War’…

“John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives in the United States government, invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress… The absence of any consultation with the President and the goal of disrupting, or sabotaging all together, the negotiations [with Iran] being pursued by the President demonstrated a lack of respect for the proper role of the President and the Congress.

“The Prime Minister has shown himself to be a strong advocate against any peaceful settlement of the Iranian nuclear issue… Just prior to the election, the Prime Minister announced that he would never support a Palestinian state as a resolution of the conflict in the Middle East… The two-state solution is widely recognized as a necessity, if there is ever to be real peace in the Middle East. Making a pledge to prevent the creation of a Palestinian state is throwing gasoline on the Middle East fire.

“The true goal of the invitation by Speaker of the House Boehner emerges as empowering a foreign politician, who would be the most willing and most likely among the leading candidates to unleash the dogs of war.

“We are a small nation with little international influence because we exist as an occupied territory. Nevertheless, we are offering peace-making services to all the nations of the world. We would welcome particularly those who now see war as inevitable allowing us to apply our peace making skills to the current situation in hopes of finding a path that brings happiness, peace, and prosperity to all those who are so tired of permanent war.

“Our proposal, as set forth in my first letter, is that the nations of the world create a Council of the Wise to address the question of peace in the Middle East. That Council would be composed of people who have demonstrated their commitment to peace.

“We would provide specialists in ho’oponopono (conflict resolution) to assist in clarifying the positions of the parties to the dispute and in constructing a resolution. The Council would invite input from all nations and design a peace settlement. That settlement would be brought out to the Human Family for comment… After the comment period, the Council would prepare a final proposed resolution of the conflict. That resolution would be brought to all the nations of the world.”


About Ali`i nui mō`ī Edmund K. Silva, Jr.

I am Edmund Keli`i Silva, Jr., Ali`i Nui (Sovereign) of the Kingdom of Hawai`i. On my mother's side I am the direct lineal descendent of King Kamehameha the Great, and heir to the throne. And, on my father's side I am the direct lineal heir to King Kamehameha Nui of the kingdom of Maui before King Kamehameha the Great unified the lands. On November 22, 2002, the prime minister of the Hawaiian kingdom, the Council of Regency, Nā Kupuna Council O' Hawai`i Nei, the Nā Kupuna Council Hawai`i Moku of the legislative body of government, and the Royal Kupunas of the House of Nobles, proclaimed that I am the lawful successor to Ali`i Nuis (High Chiefs) of ancient Hawai`i. I am honored, and consider it my sacred duty, to be Ali`i Nui Mō`ī of the Kingdom of Hawai`i.
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