Ali`i Mana`o Nui Lanny Sinkin 7-6-15… “TRO Request submitted to Hawaii Court Seeking End to Unconstitutional Restrictions Imposed at Mauna a Wākea”

lanny_sinkin_alii_manao_nui_shield_13On Thursday, July 2, I received an email informing me that Office of Mauna Kea Management Rangers were allowing those engaged in spiritual practice on Mauna a Wakea to ascend the Mountain only at 1:00 p.m. each day, limiting the number of people that could ascend to ten, and requiring a Ranger be present to accompany the practitioners.

Meanwhile cars and trucks of non-practitioners traveled up and down the Mountain with no restrictions.

I went to the 9,000 foot level and interviewed various Protectors who confirmed what I had been told.

I had no question that the restrictions amounted to an unconstitutional restriction on the rights to religious practice guaranteed by the First Amendment and that the allowing of non-practitioners to ascend the Mountain constituted discrimination against the spiritual practitioners in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment guarantee of equality before the law.

I discussed the situation with the Kahuna of the Temple of Lono. He agreed to pursue legal action to stop the latest instance of persecution of the traditional faith by the State. I prepared pleadings to request a Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction prohibiting the enforcement of the unconstitutional restrictions. The Federal Court in Honolulu was closed on Friday through Sunday, so I came to Honolulu today [7-6-15] to file the action.

Attached are the cover letter to the Attorney General and the pleadings I filed today. United States District Court, Honolulu CV 15 00254

Judge Watson did not have time to address the TRO today [7-6-15]. I am expecting to hear from him tomorrow.

[Note 1: a zip folder containing all documents is available here.]
[Note 2: documents which present the key points are listed first.]

Direct links to PDF versions of documents:
Complaint, Memorandum in Support, Proposed Order, Letter to Atty General Chin, Petition for TRO, Declaration of Lanny Sinkin, Tahuna Declaration, Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, Certificate of Service


About Ali`i Mana`o Nui Lanny Sinkin

I am Ali`i Mana`o Nui Lanny Sinkin. Ali`i Mana`o Nui was a position created by Queen Liliu'okalani that was not filled before she was overthrown. The kuleana (sacred path) of that position is to speak the truth to the monarch without any fear of punishment. The position is one of trusted advisor and friend. I always thought that the position was a really good one for a monarch to create because people tend to be so deferential that the monarch might not always be told the full truth for fear of offending. I have no such restrictions placed on me. The King and I have worked closely together for eight or nine years now. When the King agreed to assume the position of King, he immediately set about to achieve the goal of full independence. Over the years, he and I have produced numerous documents addressing a broad range of issues (found at The most important is the one that the King wrote which records the vision and plan for the restored nation. I consider myself to have a sacred responsibility to provide my best advice to the King at all times.
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