Ali`i Mana`o Nui Lanny Sinkin, 10-8-15… “‘Notice of Absent Party’, in the Na’i Aupuni process, has been filed”

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From: Ali`i Mana`o Nui Lanny Sinkin

The United States Department of Interior, the State of Hawai’i, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, the Akamai Foundation, and the Na’i Aupuni Foundation are all cooperating in an effort the extinguish the Kingdom through the Na’i Aupuni process and the Department of Interior Proposed Rule. See the recent email with the subject “The False Narrative.”

A group of individuals have filed suit challenging the Na’i Aupuni process as racially discriminatory or otherwise defective. None of these individuals claim to represent the Kingdom.

Yet the Kingdom has a significant interest in this litigation. The formation of the Native Hawaiian Government Entity will make completing the restoration of the Kingdom more difficult and change the relationship of a significant part of the Kingdom descendants with the United States. As the Department of Interior comments on the Proposed Rule state:

[T]he government-to-government relationship with the Native Hawaiian Governing Entity would have very different characteristics from the government-to-government relationship that formerly existed with the Kingdom of Hawaii.

There is a rule in law that says a court has jurisdiction over a matter only if all the parties having an interest in the matter are before the court. If there is a “necessary” and “indispensable” party and that party is not and cannot be made a part of the litigation, the case must be dismissed.

The Kingdom is absent from the Na’ Aupuni litigation. The Kingdom has interests in the litigation that are not represented. The Kingdom is a necessary and indispensable party. The King, as a sovereign, has not and will not subject the Kingdom to the jurisdiction of the United States Federal court. Under those circumstances, the case must be dismissed.

The Kingdom has filed a Notice of Absence of Necessary and Indispensable Party in the Na’i Aupuni case. We will update the network on any responses from the Court to that filing.


About Ali`i Mana`o Nui Lanny Sinkin

I am Ali`i Mana`o Nui Lanny Sinkin. Ali`i Mana`o Nui was a position created by Queen Liliu'okalani that was not filled before she was overthrown. The kuleana (sacred path) of that position is to speak the truth to the monarch without any fear of punishment. The position is one of trusted advisor and friend. I always thought that the position was a really good one for a monarch to create because people tend to be so deferential that the monarch might not always be told the full truth for fear of offending. I have no such restrictions placed on me. The King and I have worked closely together for eight or nine years now. When the King agreed to assume the position of King, he immediately set about to achieve the goal of full independence. Over the years, he and I have produced numerous documents addressing a broad range of issues (found at The most important is the one that the King wrote which records the vision and plan for the restored nation. I consider myself to have a sacred responsibility to provide my best advice to the King at all times.
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