Mauna a Wākea

Mauna a Wākea Litigation, Pleadings and Documents

5-28-15: Pleading Filed with State of Hawai’i District Court
Motion for Limited Appearance
Brief in Support
Exhibit 1: Complaint
Exhibit 2: Declaration of Alapa’i H. Kaulia
Exhibit 3: Biography of AMN
Exhibit 4: King’s Directive
Appendix Cover Sheet
Proffer in Support

Exhibits to Proffer
List of Exhibits
Exhibit 1 1849 Treaty
Exhibit 2 Statehood Ballot
Exhibit 3 Apology Resolution Numbered
Exhibit 4 King’s Directive
Exhibit 5 King’s Declaration
Exhibit 6 AMN Declaration
Exhibit 6A Irish Letter
Exhibit 7 Haalilio
Exhibit 8 Kingdom-Constitution-2014
Exhibit 9 Declaration of Independence
Exhibit 10 Imperial Plan for Hawai’i
Exhibit 11 Draft RICO Memorandum
Exhibit 12 King’s April 2, 2014 Cease and Desist
Exhibit 13 King’s letter to President David Lassner
Exhibit 14 AMN article on Faith
Exhibit 15 Temple of Lono and Hale O Papa
Exhibit 16 Faith and the Mountain Final
Exhibit 17 Letter to Governor Ige
Exhibit 18 Temple of Lono Letter to U.S. Supreme Court
Exhibit 20 Report from Mikahala Roy
Exhibit 21 – Vision and Plan for the Kingdom
Exhibit 22 Ali’i Mana’o Nui Biography
Exhibit 23 Jennifer E Pawlowski Biography
Exhibit 24 Christine Chapa Biography
Exhibit 25 Aunty Ipo and the King
Exhibit 26 Proclamation of First Citizen
Exhibit 27 King’s Reaffirmation of Independence
Exhibit 28 First Capital Kamakahonu
Exhibit 29 King’s Letter to OHA
Exhibit 30 AMN Letter to President Lassner
Exhibit 31 State Crimes Against the 31 arrested

5-18-15: Petition for Declaratory Judgements filed with Kingdom of Hawai`i Supreme Court
AMN Cover Letter for Service
Order – Service and Response
Petition for Declaratory Judgements
Memorandum in Support

Exhibit 1 – Apology Resolution Numbered
Exhibit 2 – 1849 Treaty
Exhibit 3 – 1893 Treaty
Exhibit 4 – Queen’s Second Protest
Exhibit 5 – 1897 Treaty
Exhibit 6 – Joint Resolution Annexing Hawaii
Exhibit 7 – Temple of Lono and Hale O Papa
Exhibit 8 – Faith and the Mountain Final
Exhibit 9 – Temple of Lono Letter to U.S. Supreme Court

Proposed Order
Proposed Order